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RD Avatar autora Robert Daniels | 18.07.2024
AS Avatar autora Allan Sutcliffe | 7.07.2024
This seller provides excellent products to enhance model ship makers projects
AJ Avatar autora Alex Jablonowski | 6.07.2024
MS Avatar autora Mark Silverstein | 6.07.2024
SM Avatar autora Stuart miller | 5.07.2024
The product came quickly. The selection is very good. Quality of product is exceptional
R Avatar autora Robert N. Steinbrunn | 2.07.2024
Quite satisfied. Statenjacht Utrecht 1:72, Premium version - kit of ship The model as it sits in the box is professionally done. The lines for rigging look realistic and in scale. The wood blocks are the best I have ever seen. The instruction booklet is thorough and well-illustrated. The injection-molded plastic parts are crisp with little flash. Overall, before starting assembly, I would give the kit five stars. The packaging, however, might be sufficient for shipping within the Czech Republic, but it’s a long way to the USA. The carton passes through the hands of many gorillas who delight in crushing it. I suggest a larger carton with more material around the model box. The carton and model box within suffered crushing damage, but the model contents were intact.
TZ Avatar autora TOMAS ZAZVORKA | 1.07.2024
RJ Avatar autora Richard Johnstone | 30.06.2024
JC Avatar autora John Clements | 28.06.2024
Very satisfied. The new look website is easy to navigate and gives full details of the products . Radimir is always very helpful and informative if you have any queries or are uncertain what to buy for your model. The product range is expanding and everything I have bought has been very high quality.
MW Avatar autora Michael Wheaton | 28.06.2024
Always a great place to find the model ship parts and accessories. Alway quick to respond to my questions. Very fast shipping.
M Avatar autora Maurizio d'Agostino | 27.06.2024
Very satisfied
ŽL Avatar autora Žilvinas Lefikas | 22.06.2024
MS Avatar autora Martin Svoboda | 21.06.2024
Naprostá spokojenost
RR Avatar autora Rastislav Rybka | 21.06.2024
EP Avatar autora Emil Peitz | 17.06.2024
SM Avatar autora Stephen Muirhead | 16.06.2024
Very satisfied
KK Avatar autora Kai Kauppi | 14.06.2024
Very satisfied!
JP Avatar autora John Peckham | 13.06.2024
They do great work and I'm a repeat customer!
DP Avatar autora David Powell | 12.06.2024
Very satisfied! Prompt replies to emails and quality products made and delivered!
KS Avatar autora Keith Shively | 1.06.2024
Great quality- every thing you could want for your ship building needs in one place - can't beet that. Fast shipping !