Hello dear fans of historic sailing ships!

Dear visitors,

Thank you for your continued support. And on that basis I launched this a new website. You can take full advantage of e-shop offers and of others informations. I apologize for any errors you will eventually find and I appreciate if you notify me of them. 

 I will gradually transfer all the information, pictures, etc. from my original site www.RadekShipModels.cz to this site. In addition to my old site, you can also find an e-shop that will make purchasing of any products quicker and easier.
At the same time, a full range of classic modeling manufacturers such as Airfix, Dragon, Revell, Italeri and Zvezda have been added.

Ship models are divided into several categories:
Models of all types of boats that are in the current offer of manufacturers, are in the Classic Model Shop and in the introductory category Ship Models.
Especially plastic models of historic sailboats are also separated in the Ship models / plastic models / sailboats. You will not find all the information for each model from the old site in the menu, however you will see whether it is a new model/older model or what is its status.

I hope you will enjoy the new site.
Sincerely, for HiSModel, Radek



Radimir Beseda - HiSModel.com
B. Nikodema 4476/15
708 00 Ostrava
Czech Republic

Identif. number: 04581954
Tax indentity: CZ6207291640

mobil: +420 736 643 287
email: message@HiSModel.com
web: www.HiSModel.com
old web: www.RadekShipModels.com

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