Draft scales 1:72 - red

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Draft Scales in scale 1: 72 - red, two sets
You can use it for all models in scales from 1:70 to 1:75
Instructions for use are HERE

Draft scales on ships are used to quickly see how deep in the water the bottom of the ship is. Lightly loaded, the ship floats higher and heavily loaded deeper.  For example, if the water surface is at mark XX, the bottom of the ship is 20 feet beneath the surface. 

In the past centuries, Roman numerals have always been used for this purpose. The number and a the gap have every time height one half of foot. In this way, was dive of ship detected exactly with a one half of the foot. 

Draft scales of HiSModel are versatile for all models in the 1:100/96 scale. You only have to determine the correct scale and position of the scale of the individual models.
Gradually, I add this information to the Workflow

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