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Barrels and buckets

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Metal Amati barrel, height 13mm, HiSModel 01
Metal barrel, height 13mm, Amati
Temporarily unavailable
€0,74 excl. VAT
Code: BA-13/A
HiSModel - Metal buckets with handle, height 6mm
€1,42 excl. VAT
Code: A4144/06
Amati - Wooden bail bucket with handle, height 8mm HiSModel
€1,83 excl. VAT
Code: A4146/08
Wooden barrel, height 10mm, HiSModel 01
€0,52 excl. VAT
Code: BA-10/A
€0,60 excl. VAT
Code: BA-16/A
Amati Wooden Bucket, height 9mm, HiSModel 01
Wooden Bucket, height 9mm
At stock (>10 pcs)
€0,47 excl. VAT
Code: BU-9
vědro, Wooden Vase 12mm, HiSModel - accessories
Wooden vase 12 mm
At stock (>10 pcs)
€0,77 excl. VAT
Code: A6024