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Blocks - usage and rope tying

Some information about CNC wooden blocks: blocks have on one side a small stalk after the final mill. These stalks are not possible to remove when blocks are finished during final sanded. The hand grinding of the stem of thousands of blocks is not in my power. I hope you will not mind. The stalk is easy to grind off by a few strokes before gluing a ropes.
The wooden blocks had usually darker color. Therefore, it is possible to stain them - the best way to do that is in alcoholic stain on wood. Put the wooden blocks into the stain and leave it in for 10 to 20 minutes. Then let it dry out on a smooth non-absorbent surface.

The rope for this use must be minimally as strong as the rope lead through the block. The rope is pasted by some adhesive material – „flexible superglue “. There is better way to use "flexible superglue „adhesive material, because the joint is flexible after getting dry, too. The block is convenient to be hold by fixed tweezers. 
Then paste rope from the side, after getting dry from the other side. Coat with glue either sides of block or the rope during this procedure. It is necessary to take care of that rope must not stiffen outside the block, because of possibility to tie knots on it and even the block hangs on the boat naturally. Take care of pasting rope around midpoint of block. The rope pasting on a slant looks unsightly especially on big blocks. It is true, that you can´t hardly avoid unwanted visible staining surfaces by glue. Remove it by coating this place with some matt lacquer. I usually use fork made of needle for coating surfaces by glue. It is recommended to wet the rope slightly before using adhesive material because of better getting dry after the procedure.



Next procedure depends on size and width of the block. At blocks size 2 – 4 mm with 1 or 2 holes do knots just past the block.



If the block is wide enough, ropes surrounding the block are next to each other.  In distance about 2 – 4 mm according to the width of block tie both ropes by thin thread together, paste the knot immediately and cut away one end. Wind the other end around the ropes in direction closely at the block for better fixation the joint.​