Constitution 1:96 - set of sails

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Sails are supplied on the basis of confirmed of order within a period of 2-4 weeks. Please, a do not pay before of delivery the confirmed of order!! You make only order!!
Catalog number: S074
Producer: HiSModel
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131,25 €/pc
Revell USS Constitution 1:96, HiSModel - set of sails 02
Revell USS Constitution 1:96, HiSModel - set of sails 03

Set of sails for sails ship kit
Sails for kit: Constitution
Producer: Revell
Scale: 1:96
Number of sails in set: 25, set of standard sails, without studding sails
Complete description of sails and other information you can find in detail description

Link to the kit HERE 
Link to complete accessories for this model 

Instructions and workflow can be found HERE

Material: batiste – 100% cotton, grammage – 125 gms. The cloth was pre-washed. Stitching is also by thread from 100% cotton or colored synthetic threads.
Description of sails: 
A complete set of sails, corresponding to the period 1803-1815.
The set includes 25 yards and stay the sails without 20 Studding sails. These can be ordered separately under the code S074s.

Bend at the top of the sail is wider than the sides and the bottom edge. Another gain a sail in the corners and in places reef line. Of course there is lining in places - reef band.
I recommend sails patinate for example in black tea and oblepit or sewn circumferential ropes - bolt rope.
I believe that these well-made sails beautify your model.
A set of sails can be ordered whole, or individual sails.

Complete set of sails, corresponding to the period 1803 - 1815
The kit contains 25 yards and stay sails nad next 20 Studding sails. They can be ordered separately. Sails sewed on CNC machine.
Also, you can only ordered some sails, or shortened sail for the implementation reefing sails. Price on request !!
The sails are sewn, as determined US regulations that were based on English regulations. Templates sails I used from the book Anatomy of The Ship - The 44 gun frigate USS Constitution, "Old Ironside". In this book are also displayed drawings, and can be found on my website.
Details that are used on offered sewed sails:
-    Upper bend sails is in a standard way larger than the side and bottom. Exceptions are fore course, main course and topsails wherein the lateral reinforcing strips tapering towards the top.
-    Fore course, main course and the topsails are strengthen by "Middle bands" - central strips. "Buntline cloths" are sewed from the lower edge of the sail, from places where the sail ropes were fastened - Buntline.
-    There is strengthening at the site of reef ropes fastening so called "Reef band". Those on the sails several, depending on the number of reefs on sail. 
-    Topgalantsails, spritsails corse and topsails and other smaller sails are lined in the corners for strengthen.
All the aforementioned sails strengthening and linings are from the front side.
-    There are only linings from the back on topsails (so called “Mast cloths“). These linings prevent wear and tear during chafing sails and Mast Top.
-    Staysails and Gibb sails are reinforced at the corners always from the right side when looking at the ship from stern as determined by regulations. Simultaneously staysails with vertical front edge are strengthened along the entire vertical edge.
The last picture displays a set of flags specified for this model. Also be ordered separately, see flags!
I believe that these sails beautify your model.

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