Payment Terms

Price for the goods and payment terms

4.1. The price for the goods and potential costs related with the supply of the goods according to the purchase contract, can be paid as follows:

4.1.1. Settled in cash: In the facility of the seller;

4.1.2. In cash on delivery in the location defined by the purchaser in the order;

4.1.3. Cash-free by account transfer to the seller’s account at  FIO banka, a.s.
In Czech Koruna account no.: 2701016231/2010, IBAN: CZ5820100000002701016231
In Euro to account no.: IBAN: CZ8020100000002801016239
In American Dollar to account: IBAN: CZ1120100000002901016236

(hereinafter referred to as „Account of the Seller“)

4.1.4. By Credit card - via a secured payment gate operated by company ThePay to the seller's account. The payment gateway accepts all current payment cards: VISA, MasterCard ...

4.1.5. By Paypal - transfer by means of payment system  PayPal, accessible on web address
PayPal account of the seller: 
Extra charge to the purchase price – The seller reserves the entitlement to extra charge to the purchase price of 2,2% in case of payment by means of PayPal, to cover the charges accounted by PayPal for using the service. On the other hand, you are guaranteed the refund of money, goods if you do not get the goods or are not satisfied with purchase!

4.2. The purchaser must pay the purchase price together with the costs of packaging and the supply of goods to the seller within the agreed amount.  Unless specified otherwise, the purchase price of the goods includes the costs for the supply of the goods.

4.3. The Seller does not require advance payment or another similar payment. It does not affect the provision in art. 4.6 of business terms considering the obligation to pay the purchase price in advance.

4.4. In case of payment in cash or in case of cash on delivery payment, the purchase price is due upon the goods acceptance.  In case of cash-free payment, the purchase price is due within 10 days from the contract conclusion.

4.5. In case of cash-free payment, the purchaser is obliged to pay the purchase price for the goods together with the specification of the payment variable symbol.  In case of cash-free payment, the obligation of the purchaser to pay the purchase price is fulfilled upon assigning the respective amount to the seller’s account.

4.6. The seller is entitled, (art. 3.6), to require the payment of the whole purchase price prior to sending the goods to the purchaser. Provision § 2119 clause 1 Civil Code will not apply.

4.7. Potential discounts from the price for the goods provided by the seller to the purchaser cannot be mutually combined.

4.8. The seller, considering the payments completed based on the purchase contract, shall issue tax record to the purchaser – invoice. The seller is the payer of value added tax. Tax record – invoice will be issued by the seller to the purchaser upon paying the price for the goods and send it in electronic form to the electronic address of the purchaser.


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