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Our website offers complex services also for a demanding modeler focused especially on historic ship models. You have an opportunity to build a perfect model faithful to the historical facts due to our unique offer of accessories for plastic and other models. Our website also offers free information sources, like original plans, workflows and other professional documents, which will help you with the construction. However, if you have trouble navigating our site, we've provided a brief guide for you:


Everything you search for, right on the home page you have several options:

1. You can use the middle panel designed for easy navigation pages.

2. Using the top bar, you can easily get from the goods selection to the other sections - specially to get a cart where you can complete your order, but here are also links to all workflows, ship plans and a photo gallery of ship models built with our accessories.

3. The bar on the left is mainly used to search for goods, either by entering a keyword or below by model category or manufacturer. You can also set up your payment currency as needed, or sign up for or unsubscribe from newsletters. Here you can also set up your payment currency or sign up or unsubscribe from newsletters.



If you already found your model, there is a description section below the picture of the kit where you can find lot of interesting information and importantly also link to set of accessories and plans of the sip if available. If you can’t find link for set of accessories in the goods description and still want to improve your model but don’t know which accessories (like blocks or ropes) are suitable – we will be pleased to help you via e-mail


We will show some example on page with kit of popular model Victory:

After we open the page with Victory model 1:100 we can scroll down below the kit picture, where we find following sections - selection of goods, description, links to sets of accessories and plans and contact form:


Link to the offer of complete accessories will lead you to the page which offers individual sets that you can order separately depending on how you want to improve your model.


You will not find similar complex offer anywhere else and I believe you will use this offer to build your best models.


With our accessories you build your best model!


At the end the most important links:

1. crossroads for finding boat models by category - HERE

2. crossroad for particular model accessories by category - HERE

3. link 2. Also including a link to list of complete sets of accessories for individual chosen models that you find here - HERE

4. list of all available ship plans for free download – it contains both original plans and plans for the individual kits including rigging plans with recommended blocks from our offer - HERE

5. list of all workflows for proper application of accessories - HERE

6. photo-gallery of models build with our accessories - HERE

7. crossroad for all other models and accessories including for example dyes, glues, tools etc. - HERE


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