Manual for flags to download in PDF HERE

Flags are made by thermo-sublimation printing method on the synthetic cloth Whisper.
ATTANTION! – Flags must not be treated by acetone-based varnishes, paints or thinners and synthetics.
Damage will occur – dissolution of color and destruction of the product.
Flags are printed in such way that their appearance and size ratio correspond to the historical facts, because there were regulations on the size of flags and banners given by all admirality's. Most of the time the size of the flags was in relate to the size of the ship, especially to its width. 
Main flag in full size have a same long as width of ship. These the flags was use in oficial situation, battle and similar. Then was next main flag which have size 1/2 or 1/3 of Main flag. These flags was use in next common situation. Was regulations determine when to use the flag of a given size.

Also, the size of the flags in the available sets is adapted to the size of the ship parts from the kit.​ This is especially true for the flagpoles at the top of the masts. There is an imitation of the “cloth strip” on the pole side of the flag, by which flags were attached to the pole or lifting rope.

Prior to use, iron the flags over a damp cloth or better through a low temperature food baking paper. Long-term exposure to high temperatures will damage the cloth itself and the flag print. 

Workflow for both-sided printed flags:

After the several attempts to strengthen the cloth before cutting to avoid clogging of the edges and to enable shaping, I came up with the very simple method: To spray flags with hairspray or treat with the liquid laundry starch so that the cloth is drenched.

After the flag has dried, we will cut it off. In case of banners and some flags, where printing of the lower side exceeds front side, we follow the front side.

We gently water the flag after cutting, then shape as it ripples in the wind so that we use oblong objects to hold flag between them.

Procedure can be repeated until we are satisfied with result.

Then we fix the flags to the flag rope or pole.

I wish you nice results. Radek Beseda, HiSModel


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