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Dear Modelers,

One of the basic elements of a good model of historic ships are blocks for rigging. It is relatively difficult to produce high quality blocks, especially in larger quantities. That is why our company HiSModel produce and offers top-quality blocks from walnut wood on CNC machine. We produce a wide range of blocks in sizes from 2 to 12 mm. Standard single, double and triple blocks are available in sizes from 2 to 10 mm. Moreover, we offer violin, ramshead and heart blocks in sizes from 4 to 12 mm. Deadeyes are from the production of Amati company. The dimensions and marking of blocks are in the table below together with photos. Photos especially of small blocks are magnified. We produce blocks, which correspond in shape and size to the British standard around the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. We are also preparing to produce a second set of blocks that will match to the continental standards according to ANCRE.

For right choice of blocks, it is important to know which, where and what size of blocks should be used.
The best way to determine the right sizes of blocks is to use professionally prepared plans. If you do not have this option and you are unsure about the block sizes you need for your model, you can use an attached table. The table is based on information and tables from the book “Historic Ship models” by Wolfram zu Mondfeld, from pages 272 and 308You can download the table with calculation of ropes diameters and blocks sizes HEREIn this Excel spreadsheet you just simply enter the required scale of the model and the actual diameter of the main mast on the main deck. All dimensions of ropes and blocks are calculated based on this table.

In order to make the use of blocks easy for you, I am preparing ready-made rigging plans for you according to the original documents. There are recommended blocks drawn according to clear symbols in these plans. You can find these ready-made plans for individual models together with other accessories on my website HEREYou will find all the sizes of the needed blocks in my plans. And based on the table above also corresponding diameters of ropes.

If you have further questions, write them on our e-mail below. I wish you beautiful models.

Warning - please note that the production of beech wood blocks is terminated. Therefore, I do not recommend you to buy these blocks for new projects. Rather, buy walnut blocks with much better quality.

Best regards, Radimir Beseda

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