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Draft scales 1:100 - white

Product detailDraft scales 1:100 - white
Catalog number: DS01
In Store>100 pcs
Price incl. VAT:
6,25 €/pcs

Draft Scales in scale 1: 100 - white, two sets
You can use it for all models in scales 1:100 or 1:96.
Instructions for use are 

Draft scales 1:100 - red

Product detailDraft scales 1:100 - red
Catalog number: DS02
In Store<100 pcs
Price incl. VAT:
6,25 €/pcs

Draft Scales in scale 1: 100 - red, two sets
You can use it for all models in scales 1:100 or 1:96.
Instructions for use are 

Mayflower - set of flags

Product detailMayflower 1:96 - set of flags
Catalog number: F097
In Store<100 pcs
Price incl. VAT:
5,00 €/pcs

Mayflower- sails

Product detailMayflower- set of sails
Catalog number: S115
Sails are supplied on the basis of confirmed of order within a period of 2-4 weeks. Please, a do not pay before of delivery the confirmed of order!! You make only order!!
Price incl. VAT:
16,67 €/pcs

Set of sails for sails ship kit
Sails for kit: Mayflower
Producer of kit: Revell
Scale: 1:96 (83)
Number of sails in set: 6
Complete description of sails and other information you can find in detail description

Mayflower Rigging blocks

Product detailMayflower - 218 psc wooden blocks rigging
Catalog number: SET-079Ma01
On request
Price incl. VAT:
49,23 €

Set of recommended CNC wooden blocks for Standing and Running rigging of models Mayflower producers by Airfix, Heller, Revell. Because all these kits are the same or very similar size. Correct scales of models is about 1:96. And not scale which wrote producer on her box of kit!
Plan of rigging with recommended blocks you can find HERE. This plan contain 4 pages. One for Standing rigging, three for Running rigging!


Mayflower 5x Clamp of DD

Product detailMayflower - 5 pcs Clamp of deadeyes
Catalog number: SET-079Ma02
On request
Price incl. VAT:
9,88 €

Clamp of deadeyes for Standing rigging:
Clamp for WB-TD5 – 25 pcs = PE-OT5/B – 3x
Clamp for WB-DD3,5 – 20 pcs = PE-OT3/B – 2x
Summary pcs: 5

Amati ropes set 8x

Product detailAmati profesional ropes - Set 8 pcs ropes
Catalog number: SET-Amati01
In Store<100
Price incl. VAT:
16,88 €

Recommend profesional Rigging rope AMATI for selected models. 
Rope color - Diameter in tenths of a millimeter / rope length in meters
Natural color: N1/40, N25/20; N50/20;
Black color: B18/40; B25/20; B50/20, B75/20; B100/20;
Number of pcs 8

LH3 and LO1,5 set

Product detailHook and Eyelets - set LH3 and LO1,5
Catalog number: SET-Z002
In Store>100
Price incl. VAT:
2,79 €

Eyelets and hooks for fastening ropes, blocks and other equipment
Set contains 1xPE-LH3/B + 1xPE-LO1,5/B



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